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Socially maladroit

The exclusivity period is over, and a few final notes

It's time to declare nevillebigbang is at an end. Authors and artists are now free to repost or archive their works wherever they like. I hope you enjoyed the Neville-love as much as shiiki and I did.

This would not have been possible without some special people: shiiki, my co-mod, who brought enthusiasm to the proceedings and provided a wonderful sounding board; klose, who provided the webspace to post the stories and art; and aigooism, who made our promotional banners. And of course, thanks go to the authors, artists, readers, and watchers who made this all possible. None of it could have happened without you. (And if I've forgotten anyone, give me a nudge so I can give you the acknowledgment you deserve!)

Finally, we wish to dedicate nevillebigbang to irana, who signed up as a participant until the powers that be called her back too soon. We are incredibly grateful and humbled to be the home of one of her last works before she left us.

Thank you so much for making nevillebigbang a success!


coffee_n_cocoa and shiiki
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