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FIC: Life goes on by acquiescence_

Title: Life goes on
Author: acquiescence_
Pairings/Other Major Characters: Charlie/Neville
Genre: Romance/Angst-ish
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: explicit sex, first time sex, slash, little bit of angst, a bit of alcohol abuse, Canon compliant through the end of DH, EWE
Summary: Charlie is not in a good place after the war, dealing with the loss of his brother takes it's toll on him and he looks for solace in an unlikely place - Neville. Neville is trying to find his place in life now that the war is over and finds himself brought into the Weasley family, and more specifically into Charlie's life. And the two have to find a way to make this work.
Illustrations: Anew and Initiative by pinkelephant42

Life goes on
Tags: fic
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